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Buy Foreclosures

When buying a San Diego Foreclosure it is important to understand there are many complexities involved with the process and it requires an astute professional with experience.  It is important to investigate the advantages and disadvantages that come along with purchasing a foreclosed home. Since the bank wants to recover as much of its investment as quickly as possible, foreclosed homes are often unloaded at significant discounts– upwards of 30 percent or more. This presents a GREAT opportunity for investors.

Gold Coast Properties is experienced in foreclosure transactions within San Diego County and has teamed up with reputable lenders, title insurance representatives and contractors to ensure a smooth investment while limiting your risk.  Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a great deal or an investor looking for a handsome return on investment, we have the resources available for you. We currently represent a privately held investment portfolio that regularly purchases San Diego foreclosures at a discount, rehabs the property and sells it for a sizable return on investment. Contact us today learn more about purchasing San Diego Foreclosures.